Decipher Lyrics

Artist: Eadwulf Music
Song Lyrics: "Decipher"

Oh no
Aye Yeah
Aye yeah yeah

Why can’t I run from this
Thought that I had let this go

Back then I was lookin’ for love and like
Blue eyed demon c-c-caught my tongue and I
Flash back to the parts of my life when
I was kinda happy
Critical faculty
This is reality
Cling to it like you have never
Yeah my brain is always just mad at me
Adjust my focus
Notice every negative emotion
When I’m copeless
Livin’ in a world of fake people that never listen
And I’m feelin’ like they got too many cooks in the kitchen I’m like
Whoa! Hey!
Too many voices
Never had so many choices
Poise is
Somthein’ I ain’t lack
So I might bite back
At these MC’s
All come after me
Poison coursin’ through my veins and I might be
A little insane but I think that’s a good thing
Oh I see
Think it might be time to bleed
My ego out because it’s pourin out’
All over
Every opinion is in the eye of the beholder
Think I got a millimeter closer
To my goals and my dream but I know that there’s always gonna be a next one

Aye yeah

Why can’t I run from this
Thought that I had let this go

Oh no

Funny how we have to hold onto somethin’ just to let it go my thoughts are runnin’
Cut too deep look at me my mind is stunnin’
Overanalyzing me a monster
All this negativity that I foster
Breathe deep but I’m not healthy
Real wealthy
Not in way’s you think but in wisdom that I never tend to use inside of my iced out mind
So criticized
I’m blind
But my eyes are open
Won’t let it get away this time
So cold that I’m frozen
Wrote six songs so I wouldn’t flatline from all of this powerful emotion
I’ve chosen
Chose this
Manifestation of greatness isn’t easy
Like an infestation
Find me kill me
People all around me but I’m lonely cuz they mentally vacant